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Premise liability is the legal responsibility of property owners to ensure their properties are safe and free from dangerous conditions.

However, in order for premises owners to be held responsible for a Slip/Trip and Fall Injury, negligence is key.

  • Did they know about the dangerous condition and ignore it?
  • Were they notified of a hazard and fail to correct it?
  • Did they cause the dangerous condition by failing to keep premises up to code?

If the answer to one or more of the questions above is “yes,” the injured party may be able to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and possibly even pain and suffering caused by the incident.

Need The Best Philadelphia Slip And Fall Lawyer ?
We’re Here To Help You.

Slip and fall accidents are frequent, and sadly can leave a victim seriously injured, permanently disabled, or even prove fatal. They are no laughing matter. Medical expenses can mount, and missed days at work can make an already stretched family budget finally break. Even an injury that doesn’t seem dangerous at first can end up leaving someone in a lifetime of pain or permanently disabled.

Do not take slip and fall accidents lightly, and do not trust any negligent party responsible for your fall to “do the right thing” for you and your family. Call a lawyer who specializes in slip and fall cases, and schedule a free consultation.

Hiring the right attorney will allow you to pay your medical expenses and take care of your family, rather than incurring bills because you are unable to work from injuries received in a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, to anyone. It could be at work, at school, shopping, running errands, or even walking down the sidewalk. Sometimes, accidents happen. Other times, the slip and fall accident is the result of someone else’s negligence.

I Just Slipped And Fell. What Should I Do Next ?

The primary factor in any personal injury case is negligence. It doesn’t matter where someone slips and falls. What matters is whether or not the cause of the fall was the result of someone’s negligence.

Some slip and fall accidents are just accidents, that while tragic, are no one’s fault. If a surprise ice storm makes a sidewalk slippery, and someone falls walking on it in the middle of the storm, that isn’t a case of negligence.

However, if it has been hours after the ice storm and a business has neglected to clear the sidewalk before opening for business, they could be at fault for knowingly leaving a hazard for customers to trip over.

Negligence, however, can be difficult to prove sometimes, and other times the legal definition may not always be in your favor. Talk to our attorneys to determine if your fall was due to someone’s negligence.


Where Do Philadelphia Slip And Fall Accidents Happen ?

Workplace environments are often inherently unsafe. Even a job that is considered safe such as office work has its dangers. That’s why government agencies like OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) were formed. One of OSHA’s rules is that every business and workplace is required to have safety standards listed in a place that is easy for every worker to see.

This government agency has issued regulations that have kept millions of workers from being injured or killed across hundreds of industries. Most employers understand this and take proper precautions. Workers in most fields from the service industry to professional firms are regularly given instructions on how to keep the workplace safe, and how to keep themselves safe in work environments that they don’t control. The smart businesses take great pains to ensure that their workspace meets or exceeds every safety standard. However, not every company is bright.

Creating A Healthy Work Environment In Philadelphia

Some businesses fail to ensure a safe and healthy work environment or enforce safety standards. It could be that a lazy or sloppy manager prefers to poke fun at the safety rules rather than choosing to enforce them, or worse. Some companies knowingly cut corners or hire cheaper, unqualified labor to do jobs which places other workers in jeopardy.

They also may understaff to the point that critical, yet often unappreciated, roles are left unfilled. Workplace slip and fall injuries aren’t limited to blue collar jobs, the service industry, or other fields requiring manual labor.

Offices that do not secure extension cords, have loose rugs and carpets that they know are a tripping hazard, or even leaving a spilled beverage on the floor of the employee lounge are all examples of known dangers that the managers or employer knew existed but did nothing about.

Maintain A Safe Work Environment In Philadelphia

While any sort of injury can occur at a workplace, slip and falls are one of the most common. It doesn’t matter where a person works, an employer is required by law to provide and maintain a safe work environment. The same law applies to a mom & pop store with a handful of employees or a Fortune 500 corporation that employees thousands. If you, or someone you know, has suffered a trip and fall injury at work due to the negligence of an employer, call a slip and fall lawyer immediately, and schedule a free consultation.

Slip And Fall Accidents In Philadelphia Schools

Schools are just as prone to have slip and fall accidents as any other place. Sometimes even more so. Many of our schools are in a critical state of disrepair, and it’s no secret. Every other week we see a story about a school that discovered asbestos or is in dire need of repairs, or the crumbling American infrastructure, which includes parts of many school campuses, such as sidewalks.

Much is made over school safety these days, but one of the last things parents or school officials seem to think about is protecting our children from slip and fall injuries. Loose tiles, broken stairs, or the numerous other types of spills or tripping hazards are a part of our children’s daily routine at many schools. Even colleges and universities aren’t immune. Any child, of any age, deserves compensation for an injury received from a slip and fall accident no matter which school or higher learning institution they attend.

Did You Have A Slip And Fall Accident In Philadelphia Anywhere Else?

No matter what life we live, we deserve to live it in safety. That isn’t to say life is without risk, but that any risk should be known to us, manageable, and acceptable. In other words, no one should have to be fearful of another’s negligence. It could be a concert, a trip to the corner deli, or taking a car in to be serviced, a neglectful business owner or careless employee forgetting a “wet floor” sign away from creating a situation where a slip and fall accident occurs.


Watch What To Do When Involved In A Slip And Fall Accident At Work

They Will Fight, So You Have to Fight. And We Will Help You Fight

Never sign anything without speaking to a lawyer first. Period. One of the first things many businesses or institutions will do is try every trick in their arsenal to keep from getting sued. The offers may come wrapped in sympathy and friendly smiles, but fairness and just recompense is the last thing on their minds.

Many businesses and other institutions are prepared to fight against any slip and fall lawsuit long before any slip and fall accident occurs. Many companies specifically train employees to offer sympathy without accepting blame, by saying things like, “I’m sorry this happened to you.” They are taught how to try and deflect liability away from the company, in ways that are often against the victim’s best interest.

Most of these companies have lawyers or even major law firms on retainer to handle accident cases like these. These businesses and institutions will often rush to a victim offering false sympathy and an offer to take care of their medical expenses. As long as the victim is willing to sign a waiver absolving the negligent party of all responsibility.

Don’t trust them. The companies and their lawyers have only one goal, and that is to make sure that any slip and fall accident costs them as little money as possible. It doesn’t matter if the end result is the victim is permanently disabled for life and financially ruined. These sharks will do it in a heartbeat and never lose a night of sleep over it.

Accident victims who were injured in slip and fall accidents caused by the negligence of others deserve to be justly compensated. Victims are not out to cheat the system or seeking an easy payday. They just want what is owed to them whether it’s a few weeks of missed work due to a broken ankle, or security for their family after a tragic and avoidable accident that resulted in permanent disability or death.  


Time Is A Factor

When you are injured in a slip and fall accident that is due to the negligence of another, do not hesitate to contact a slip and fall attorney who has the experience and will to fight for what you deserve. The city of Philadelphia only allows 6 months for a claim to be filed in slip and fall accidents. 6 months may seem like plenty of time, but it isn’t. The longer you delay calling a lawyer, the less likely your claim will be successful.

Bad Lighting Can Cause Slip and Fall Accidents.

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