Cracked Pavement Slip and Falls in Philadelphia

Walking out of the safety of your home often comes with its own risks, but becoming the victim of a slip and fall accident due to poorly maintained asphalt or streets isn’t something most people tend to think or worry about. While tripping over our own feet or a random object happens from time to time, injuring yourself due to the negligence of another individual, business, or municipality is an entirely different story.

If you’ve found yourself hurt or in pain after a tumble caused by neglected ice, damaged streets, or ignored pavement in need of repairs, you should contact the best slip and fall lawyers around. In this challenging time, when you find yourself frustrated and struggling with medical bills while trying to determine whether or not to call a lawyer, remember that at Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers, your initial consultation is always welcomed, and is still free.

Let the professionals work with you to determine whether somebody should be held responsible for your missed wages, medical bills, and unjust pain and suffering.

Slip and Fall Accidents Injuries

Slip and fall injuries often result in bruises, broken bones, head and spinal cord injuries, and even death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), millions of elderly adults slip and fall every year, with nearly 3 million of those being seen in emergency rooms because of their injuries.

With approximately 10% of those injuries being hip fractures that take can take months or even years to recover from  to walk normally again, you may find yourself out of work and missing wages for an extended and unknown period of time.

The one thing you can be sure of in the midst of all that uncertainty is Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers fighting for your case day and night to get you the compensation you need to get back on track.

Poor Street Conditions Slip and Fall Accidents

Streets and paving in the northeast are notoriously known for their poor condition and hazardous states, and Philadelphia is no exception. Signage warning pedestrians are often broken, misleading, or nonexistent. If negligence is to blame for your slip and fall injury, contacting a slip and fall attorney in Philadelphia may help prevent you from a future of misery.

While no attorney can guarantee a settlement in your case, you shouldn’t leave this matter up to just any attorney who doesn’t have the immense experience which comes with hiring the legal experts at Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers.

Seek Medical Treatment Promptly if You’ve Been in a Slip and Fall Accident

Unsure if you see a doctor after a slip and fall injury? Seeing a doctor promptly after a slip and fall injury is not only vital to your own wellbeing, it is also crucial in documenting your injuries by a professional in the medical field for use in your potential case.

Without evidence that the slip and fall circumstance indeed did harm to your health, your legal help will have a tough time working on your situation and proving the responsible party’s negligence. Understanding the extent of your injuries, your treatment plan, and long-term effects on your health will help your slip and fall lawyer determine the best method of action for your suit. Is it a strain or a break?

No two slip and fall cases are quite the same. The causes and injuries vary from case to case, so visiting an emergency room if necessary or making a trip to your primary care physician are incredibly talented when trying to recoup your medical expenses and potential compensation down the road. Early documentation is vital in tracking injuries caused by the slip and fall.

You Need Top-Notch Attorneys on Your Side After a Slip and Fall Accident

Proving negligence is not an easy task, and you can be assured that the party responsible for your injury will have a top-notch defense team ready to dispute your claim. However, a great group of experts who know what to look for may mean the difference in you making a full recovery without setting back your life, and dealing with a lingering injury that will remind you daily of the terrifying accident and ordeal which left you disabled or disfigured.

The defense team will undoubtedly argue that you are to blame for your injuries, that you should have known the risks associated with the street or pavement which caused your fall, or that a preexisting condition caused or contributed to your accident.

They will likely dispute every claim you make and shift the fault to you, denying any responsibility of negligence. With a defense team compiled of experienced lawyers ready to fight for the responsible party, you need a trip and fall lawyer with tremendous experience who you can count on to present the best possible case for your injuries, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Who Saw You Slip and Fall?

After a slip and fall injury, make sure to document your surroundings and the pavement or street that caused your fall. If damages to asphalt, evident ice, or missing signage are to blame, make sure to capture the culprit in as many photographs as you can take.

If you are unable to do so because of your injury, be sure to ask a bystander to help you photograph the scene adequately. If there are any witnesses around, make sure to exchange contact information. This will all help your Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer fight for your case, and will likely give them the evidence they need to reach a settlement or have a fighting chance in your lawsuit.

See Your Doctor After a Slip and Fall Accident

An injury resulting from a slip and fall can have serious physical implications; You may break a bone, dislocate a joint, or even become disabled or paralyzed. However, a slip and fall injury can also cause lingering mental issues that many people are unable to recover from.

Many of those who experience this traumatic event become absolutely terrified that it could happen to them again in a similar situation or under similar circumstances. This can often put a severe damper on a person’s desire to remain active and may cause them to avoid any task or exercise which reminds them of the fall.

In turn, this can cause weakness to develop, often making the victim more susceptible to falling in the future as their strength fades. Having an experienced trip and fall lawyer during the initial stages of the original slip and fall accident can set the course in motion to provide you with the necessary compensation to avoid developing such a mental state.

Don’t Second Guess Your Need for a Slip and Fall Attorney

After your accident, you may be wondering if a slip and fall attorney is right for you. Frequently, many people place the blame on themselves, feeling guilty or responsible for their own fall and injuries. Even more so, people are often too embarrassed by their injuries and what caused them even to muster up the courage to make initial contact with a slip and fall specialist.

The last thing you should do in this situation is point the finger at yourself or feel embarrassed. Consider your case, and think about whether something out of your control caused your injury. Whether it be a large crack that should have been repaired, uneven pavement or masonry installed by a property owner, or reoccurring ice in an area regularly covered in the shade, document the cause of your fall and contact the best slip and fall lawyers in Philadelphia.

While no concrete cost or amount of money can adequately solve your pain and suffering, some experts can assess your situation and help determine the best compensation for your case.

Recouping medical bills is reasonably straightforward as the expenses are documented and tracked throughout your injury. However, time lost to hobbies, visiting with loved ones, and missing out on activities that would have otherwise been enjoyed before your accident can take a heavy toll on your wellbeing.

At Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers, we have helped an incredible number of individuals with unique cases and significant levels of pain and suffering. While each case is different, we can sympathize with your needs as we’ve been there again and again throughout the years.

Let Us Help You Recover From Your Slip and Fall

Slip and fall injuries occur all the time, but we understand that negligence is an avoidable tragedy that parties at fault should be held responsible for. Unkept pavement and asphalt, damaged signage, and poorly constructed walkways and roads are all ignored every day by businesses, property owners, and municipalities.

If these parties took the time to maintain and repair items they know are hazardous, victims like you wouldn’t need to consult attorneys like us. However, these structures are ignored on a regular basis, and innocent individuals are harmed because of it. Don’t let your accident or injury go unnoticed or unheard. While you may have suffered from an injury that will heal or a broken bone that will mend, the next victim may not be so lucky.


The first step in recovering from your slip and fall injury is making an appointment with your physician if you haven’t already done so. The second is contacting the most experienced slip and fall attorneys in the business. The initial consultation is free at Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers. Don’t hesitate in seeking the compensation you rightfully deserve. If negligence is to blame, you can count on the best slip and fall attorneys in Philadelphia to stand by your side through this tough time.