Slip and Fall at Music Festivals and Concerts

Attending a local music festival or concert can be such a fantastic experience.  Philadelphia and the surrounding areas have so many incredible concerts and festivals to choose from.  The anticipation builds, and all you can think about is having an excellent time with your friends. You plan for months and cannot wait until the day arrives.  

But what about the things in life you can’t plan for, such as a slip or fall?  

In the United States, it is estimated that over eight million visits to an emergency room every year are due to slips and falls.  Have you ever slipped in a store, for example?  Or have you moved at school?  

School accidents and mall accidents happen all the time, especially when they are least expected.  By the sheer nature of high-traffic places like stores and schools, it will come as no surprise that the rate of slip and fall incidents has skyrocketed.  Has this ever happened to you, or to someone you know?

Have you slipped on water without realizing the floor was wet simply because there were no warning signs or placards?  Is so, what did you do? What did they do? Was it merely shrugged off, even though you could have been injured from slipping and falling?

Slip and Fall—The Basics

There are some fundamental things that you should do if you trip or fall in a public space or area.  The first thing to do (and of course, the most logical) is to seek medical attention at once.  

Besides what might be considered the obvious; that is, you have bruises, cuts, scrapes, or even a sprain that requires treatment, there are also a couple other important points to note.  

Having a medical professional document your injuries is imperative immediately after a slip or fall.  The second part of this is to have the medical professional record when you sustained the injuries, where it occurred, and just as importantly, how it happened.  

Slip and Fall at a Music Festival?  Let Us Help.

Now let’s turn back to your Pennsylvania music festival or concert event.  It is more than likely there will be a massive turnout with an exorbitant number of people walking around trying to get through the crowds just as you are attempting to do as well.

It goes without saying that the more people in an area, the higher the chance of an accident occurring.  Most people at a concert or music festival will be carrying a drink, food, or both.

Gather Proof

Let’s say there is a food area where a lot of people have been spilling drinks on the floor.  Now you have just slipped on beer and have become injured at a festival. Recall from earlier in this article that the number one thing you need to do when an accident like this occurs is to seek immediate medical help.  

But that isn’t the only thing you need to do.  Make sure someone has taken photos of your injuries, along with the area where you slipped and fell.

Also, make sure you report the slip and fall to a manager or representative of the venue.  Have them document your report in writing. Also, ensure you write down all of the details you can think of; for example, when the incident took place, where it occurred, who saw it happen, and what exactly happened.

Seek Medical Attention

Depending on the type of injuries you have sustained, you might be tempted to seek medical attention and merely let it go at that.  However, there a few very crucial points to keep in mind that you should know about which suggest you should not necessarily just ‘let it go.’  

What are the venue’s responsibilities?

Firstly, the venue has an obligation to take reasonable steps to keep its patrons safe and away from harm.  It is referred to as, “legal duty,” or “duty of care.”  

Second, the venue may well have breached that obligation and did not ensure that patrons were fully aware of the potential hazards of slip and falls in the food area.

The third point is that, in fact, you have sustained injuries because of the beer-soaked floor; the cause of your injuries is directly related to this circumstance.  

Now, more than likely it wasn’t a music festival employee that spilled the beer on the floor; however, the venue is still responsible for providing as many precautionary measures as possible.  

Did the venue have a designated, specific area for drinks to be consumed, but they did not reinforce this?  Then you took a slip and fall outside of this section where people were definitely partaking in alcoholic libations.  These are examples to illustrate the importance of pursuing a legal case against a music festival or concert company.

Seek the Best Slip and Fall Attorney in Philadelphia

Well, what if you are thinking that you are going to pursue a Small Claims Court case on your own.  With any slip and fall situation, it is essential that you speak with the best slip and fall lawyer who can fight on your behalf to ensure the best possible chance to obtain a claim for your injuries, pain, and suffering.  

You don’t know if there will be further complications from your injuries, causing undue hardship for you.  With this in mind, the next step is to contact a law office that retain slip and fall attorneys on staff. A slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia is crucial for you to reach, as they will know better than anyone how to arrange a liability injury case on your behalf.  

A critical point to keep in mind:  do not wait to contact a slip and fall lawyer.  The longer you put off starting a litigation case against a venue, the more difficult it will be for you to prove (and potentially win) your case.    

A Top-Notch Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help You

Slip and fall lawyers have the expertise and knowledge to obtain the best possible compensation for you.  They will have many questions for you to get the most accurate picture of your fall.

Was there lousy signage at the venue that, although stating food areas could be slippery, was not located even remotely close to the slippery area?

Let’s face it, when you are dealing with pain and suffering at the expense of someone else’s negligence, having someone on your side to fight for what you are entitled to goes a long way in bringing some restitution for your suffering, lost wages from work, and quite possibly expensive medical costs.

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers Can Help You

There are Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers that are accustomed to dealing with arguments as to why their clients should not receive any (or little) compensation for their injuries due to a slip or fall on an owner’s property.  

For example, a company might play the ‘blame game’ and counter their negligence by using the common defense tactic that the victim at the music festival (that’s you) should have simply known the area was slippery, despite the lack of clear signage implying potential slips or falls.  

Perhaps the reason why companies and businesses are often eager to place culpability on the injured person is that slip and falls are the primary cause of property liability injury cases.  This, of course, translates into high costs for companies. Apparently this is no reason not to pursue contacting a trip and fall attorney to plead your case.

Do Not Try to Go to Court on Your Own—Let Our Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers Help

It is true that larger organizations can afford to hire a team of attorneys to convince a judge that your slip and fall incident at a concert or a music festival was your fault.  Nonetheless, it is still on the part of the venue to prove there was no negligence or wrong-doing.

In the case of the beer-soaked floor at a music festival, the owner of the property might attempt to prove that they were not aware of the dangerous conditions.

On the other hand, the owner could state that they were aware of the slippery sections, but provided clear signs to warn of the possibility for slips and falls.  The onus is placed on the owners of the venue if a slip and fall was caused by conditions that they could have clearly warned people about.

In other words, did they have signs to indicate there could be slippery sections in the food area, and to be mindful when walking in those part of the venue?

Here is a tip to make sure you are on the right track if you are injured from a slip and fall at a music festival or concert:  If you speak with a venue employee, or a business owner, be mindful what you say. Even a simple, “I’m okay” can be turned against you.                    

A Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer can undertake a thorough job in researching the situation surrounding a music festival slip and fall case, by delving into the venue’s records, accident/safety documents, witness statements, and (if available) surveillance footage.  Along with the documentation you have collected, your slip and fall lawyer will walk you through all of the necessary steps to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.