Philadelphia Store Slip and Fall Accidents

Have you ever felt that moment of dread, when your heart drops, and your breath escapes as you lose your balance and feel yourself tripping and falling? You might even get an anxiety pang or start sweating. We are all familiar with this uncomfortable sensation to some extent, because we’ve all felt it at some points in our lives when we lost our balance and expected the worst.
Of course, this is what it feels like right before someone experiences a slip and fall or trip and fall accident. Sometimes we stumble but regain our balance and shake it off. Although we may look a little silly, and feel embarrassed, at least we saved ourselves from the worst of the fall – pain and bodily injury.
Other times, however, we are not quite so lucky, and that feeling of dread and anxiety before the fall actually does materialize into a very sharp and very real pain with potentially debilitating effects on someone’s life. The worst that you expected has indeed come to pass. A slip and fall or trip and fall incident can be potentially life altering – it may result in death, disability, or permanent or very painful injuries. Nobody should have to worry about this gut-wrenching feeling and potential for serious injury and excruciating pain when doing something as ordinary as going to a store to shop. Yet, it happens every day.
As a shopper, you are entitled to expect that the store you are patronizing has made all the necessary preparations for your safety and also for the public at large.
It is the store’s duty under the law to make its premises safe for the people they know are coming to spend their money there. However, when the store fails to live up to this promise of safety and someone get hurts because they failed to clean, maintain, or repair something, you may very well have a claim for negligence, specifically premises liability.
For instance, supermarkets often have slippery or sticky floors from being mopped, or sometimes produce such as grapes may fall to the floor creating a slipping hazard, or liquid spills may occur because someone dropped a bottle of juice or soda and it took too long to clean up. Maybe sprinklers in the produce aisle have drenched the nearby floor.
Regardless of how it happens, if there is something dangerous on the floor and you slipped or tripped and fell on it, and hurt yourself, you need to speak with us, experienced accident lawyers, about making a premises liability claim against the store where you fell. Don’t try and tackle this alone. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience to evaluate your unique situation and how you fell and hurt yourself to help you determine if the store or other retail establishment, where you got hurt is liable to you. If so, we can maximize your recovery, both in the financial sense regarding compensation and also from the point of view of your health and well-being. All you need to do is contact us for a free consultation.